Wild flower Baumkuchen wedding cake

The Wild Flower Baumkuchen Wedding Cake

Whenever a new opportunity for cake design looms on the horizon, my clickety clicky mouse finger swiftly delivers me to one of the plentiful Aladdin’s caves of decorating goodies that frequent t’internet, but for this next cake, I decided enough was enough – literally!

Five enormous boxes of cake decorating fodder – equipment, edible sundries and the like – teeter on the top of the fridge in my kitchen and I was plagued by a nagging thought…surely, I should be able to design a cake that makes use of what I have without the need to accumulate more?! The seed was sown. I love a challenge – particularly when it’s Me vs. Me. So, I set about planning how to meet ‘The Brief’, without spending a penny.

The Brief was just that, brief. Six months ago I casually mentioned to my brother-in-law and his fiancee that if they would like some decorations to adorn their Baumkuchen wedding cake, I would love to design something. Continue reading “The Wild Flower Baumkuchen Wedding Cake”