Hawaiian print upholstered stool

The Stool Series: Kalea – the bright and summery one.

The Stool Series…”what an ominous title”, you might think. Rest assured, it is stools of the furniture variety that I’d like to share with you.

Kalea, so named for her Hawaiian feel, is the first in a collection of pre-loved stools to have been given a new lease of life. She started out as a simple, pine stool, but after a re-spray and the addition of a plush, upholstered seat she’s now ready to take pride of place in her new home.

I imagine Kalea providing a pop of colour in a light and airy conservatory. She’s also small enough to sit in the corner of a kitchen or lounge waiting for guests to pop by and extra seating to be needed.

Without further ado, here’s Kalea’s journey from old, tired and unloved to the beauty she is today.

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Flowers in the decoupaged planter

[Tutorial] How to decoupage an outdoor planter

This time last year I discovered Mod Podge and I fell in love. Not only can I now customise everything¬†(including me mades), they’ll also better withstand some of the wear and tear of everyday life in the Rocket household.

One of its most intriguing uses is for stuff what lives outdoors. I find a lot of shop bought things, like garden furniture and plant pots, a bit generic, and, dare I say, boring, but now I have another DIY option and an outdoor planter is just one of the ways I’ve played around with introducing¬†decoupage in my garden. Continue reading “[Tutorial] How to decoupage an outdoor planter”