Stylecraft 9051 in Eskimo Kisses a.k.a The Woolly Mammoth Jumper

Knitting this jumper was like knitting with a woolly mammoth, and no, I don’t mean yarn from a woolly mammoth, I mean an actual woolly mammoth! Well, I’d imagine the two things are on a par difficulty-wise anyhow.

Earlier this year, Deramores launched a competition for bloggers, and with a shed load of yarn on offer for the lucky winner, I thought I’d take a punt (Spoiler: I didn’t finish in time to enter, story of my life, ha!). A group of established knitters and crocheters were tasked with setting some themes, and after pondering the virtues of rainbow colours, knitting without needles and large motifs, I decided to take up the ombrĂ© challenge.

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