Baby Carriage Cake

The Baby Carriage cake: Getting to grips with piping basket weave

Hmmm…what to give the parents of newborn twins? Well, sure, heaps of gifts for the babies, especially since these newly minted munchkins are my nephews, but what do Mom and Dad need?! CAKE! Obvs…..alright, not ‘obvs.’, but hear me out.

I made my sister and bro-in-law a whopping great fruit cake to celebrate their new arrivals, because newborn babies are to Great Aunties and doting friends, what sherry is to Santa Claus or Strawberries & Cream are to Cliff Richard…irresistible! So, babies = LOTS of visitors, aaaand LOTS of visitors = muchos need for cake to serve the hungry masses.

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A Crafty Hibernation

After an Autumn-Winter hiatus, I’m looking forward to catching you up on some makes from what I’ve started to term ‘My Crafty Hibernation’.

I’m slowly finding out that my making has a very seasonal quality – furniture restoration is firmly rooted in warm summer’s eves between sips of a G&T, while knitting snuggled up in front of movie with a hot chocolate is my activity of choice for the winter. No surprises there, really. So, while I’ve only been making at a snail’s pace for the last 3 months, I have been making.

First, I thought I’d share with you the pinnacle of my 2015 making – The Handmade Fair, and boy, what a perfect way to top off a busy Spring/Summer and get the creative juices flowing.

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Hawaiian print upholstered stool

The Stool Series: Kalea – the bright and summery one.

The Stool Series…”what an ominous title”, you might think. Rest assured, it is stools of the furniture variety that I’d like to share with you.

Kalea, so named for her Hawaiian feel, is the first in a collection of pre-loved stools to have been given a new lease of life. She started out as a simple, pine stool, but after a re-spray and the addition of a plush, upholstered seat she’s now ready to take pride of place in her new home.

I imagine Kalea providing a pop of colour in a light and airy conservatory. She’s also small enough to sit in the corner of a kitchen or lounge waiting for guests to pop by and extra seating to be needed.

Without further ado, here’s Kalea’s journey from old, tired and unloved to the beauty she is today.

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English Girl At Home’s new pattern: Lou Lou dress

Introducing Lou Lou, a brand spanking new pattern from English Girl At Home’s, Charlotte. Her first, in fact. This little lady saw me through a garden party (ahem, BBQ ’round me mate’s house) a couple of weekends ago and has set a new record for being my fastest make yet. For the foodies among us, you’ll be pleased to know that this dress comes with lots of ease to accommodate a food baby. This ‘design feature’ was very welcome at said BBQ. Continue reading “English Girl At Home’s new pattern: Lou Lou dress”

Stylecraft 9051 in Eskimo Kisses a.k.a The Woolly Mammoth Jumper

Knitting this jumper was like knitting with a woolly mammoth, and no, I don’t mean yarn from a woolly mammoth, I mean an actual woolly mammoth! Well, I’d imagine the two things are on a par difficulty-wise anyhow.

Earlier this year, Deramores launched a competition for bloggers, and with a shed load of yarn on offer for the lucky winner, I thought I’d take a punt (Spoiler: I didn’t finish in time to enter, story of my life, ha!). A group of established knitters and crocheters were tasked with setting some themes, and after pondering the virtues of rainbow colours, knitting without needles and large motifs, I decided to take up the ombré challenge.

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Flowers in the decoupaged planter

[Tutorial] How to decoupage an outdoor planter

This time last year I discovered Mod Podge and I fell in love. Not only can I now customise everything (including me mades), they’ll also better withstand some of the wear and tear of everyday life in the Rocket household.

One of its most intriguing uses is for stuff what lives outdoors. I find a lot of shop bought things, like garden furniture and plant pots, a bit generic, and, dare I say, boring, but now I have another DIY option and an outdoor planter is just one of the ways I’ve played around with introducing decoupage in my garden. Continue reading “[Tutorial] How to decoupage an outdoor planter”

Wild flower Baumkuchen wedding cake

The Wild Flower Baumkuchen Wedding Cake

Whenever a new opportunity for cake design looms on the horizon, my clickety clicky mouse finger swiftly delivers me to one of the plentiful Aladdin’s caves of decorating goodies that frequent t’internet, but for this next cake, I decided enough was enough – literally!

Five enormous boxes of cake decorating fodder – equipment, edible sundries and the like – teeter on the top of the fridge in my kitchen and I was plagued by a nagging thought…surely, I should be able to design a cake that makes use of what I have without the need to accumulate more?! The seed was sown. I love a challenge – particularly when it’s Me vs. Me. So, I set about planning how to meet ‘The Brief’, without spending a penny.

The Brief was just that, brief. Six months ago I casually mentioned to my brother-in-law and his fiancee that if they would like some decorations to adorn their Baumkuchen wedding cake, I would love to design something. Continue reading “The Wild Flower Baumkuchen Wedding Cake”