Design inspiration: 10 unique ways to refashion dining chairs

Last year was a great year for pre-loved furniture finds. I picked up these two retro solid wood dining chairs on ebay for a fiver. Aside from looking like they previously resided in Boredomsville, they’re in great condition. A lick of paint and new upholstery will make the world of difference, I think.

Dining chairs

Dining chairs

When I spot furniture to upcycle, I can often quickly see what the finished piece will look like in my mind’s eye. With these dining chairs, I haven’t a clue. Lucky for me that the internet is awash with inspiration.

Top marks here for a statement colour combo:

wowchairsconf 001

Then there’s the slightly batty:


The ones that don’t match:


Contemporary chic:


Muted tones:


Inspired by pop art:


Animal magic:


At the extreme end of the scale, I’m even toying with the idea of making two chairs into one stylish bench.

French-Styled Bench with pillows


And if I ever come across a chair that has truly had its day, this is gonna happen to it:


I’m all ears for new ideas.ย Please send me more design inspiration in the comments below. The makeover for these chairs will be kicking off NEXT WEEK.


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