A winter Coco

I’m often extremely guilty of keeping my dressmaking projects in the planning pipeline for so long, that by the time I take the plunge my new make is completely out of sync with the season we’re in – think woolly jumpers in August and light cotton summer dresses in the depths of December. Something I’ve been trying to get organised enough to do for the longest time is sew for the season ahead. That way, I can build up my winter wardrobe during the summer and vice versa. Conceptually, it’s great. Practically? Very much a work in progress!

My August bank holiday make of Tilly and the Buttons’ Coco pattern is, however, one example of this ethos in action, though whether I could claim it was by design rather than chance is debatable. Coco is perfect for knit fabrics and therefore falls happily into the ‘winter warmer’ category. This little number has become a staple of my work wardrobe during the colder months, with it’s comfy fit, 3/4 length sleeves and funnel neck, it’s been perfect for pairing with thick tights and boots for the office.

All pics were taken in the summer, shortly after this dress was completed, and in a hurried five minutes before myself and a friend dashed off for a fantastic pub lunch at The Kingfisher in Chertsey – highly recommended if you reside in my neck of the woods.

Strike a pose!
Strike a pose!

This next photo makes it look like the fit is not quite right across the back, but it’s just my terrible posture letting the side down.

The booty view
The booty view
A closer look at the fabric - red with a black check pattern woven through it.
A closer look at the fabric – red with a black check pattern woven through it. It looks like it has a bit of pink tinge in places here, but that’s just down to the light.
A glimpse of the side....and another look at my lily white legs.
A glimpse of the side….and another look at my lily white legs.

You know, the more I look at these photos, the more I think this Coco would benefit from being accessorised by a belt, perhaps something big and chunky.

The fabric is a medium weight Roma knit, and it’s a lighter weight than what I’ve seen many more structured looking Cocos made up in. I like this – I like the drape and the way it’s a little bit swooshy when I walk. It was also a bit of a bargain at just shy of a fiver per metre in Minerva Crafts clearance section.

This is the dress I currently get most compliments about at work, with people generally loving the slightly ’60’s shape. It has got me thinking about whether I should make another (it’s a bit different to the many shift dresses I often wear to work), but with so many other projects still on my to do list – Flora and Truffle are currently lingering near the top – it might be a while. I think one a year is probably more than enough, so perhaps August bank hol 2015 will be Coco day.

What has been your Me-made ‘go to’ so far this winter?


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