Haven’t you heard? Emergency cake decorating is the new Christmas day sport

As we all know, time is of the essence on Christmas day morning as we count down to the food mountain that is commonly known as ‘lunch’….all of those presents to unwrap, sloe gin to be drunk – the list of ‘tasks’ is seemingly endless. Well, this year our list also included ‘speed decorating the Christmas cake’. My MiL’s Christmas cake, to be precise.

When Mr Rocket and I arrived at my parents in law’s house on Christmas eve, a pleasingly rotund, but rather naked Christmas cake was awaiting. Alas, time was running out and the cake had not yet made it to the top of the ‘to do’ list. I very hastily pulled my underwear on over my clothes, reached for my cape and volunteered for cake decorating duty (well, what was a girl to do?!)

But with what to festoon said cake? With no time to shop, I raided my sister’s cupboards and hit on the emergency cake decorator’s equivalent of a gold mine. Sooooo….many…..sparkles!

Here is our hurried creation (Mr Rocket slapped the icing on – we both know from our wedding cake adventures where our strengths lie, and he can certainly whop a smooth fondant icing layer on a cake faster than anyone I know *swoon*). Just a little technical detail, but the slight cracking you can see in the icing at the edges is because we used ready to roll fondant icing, but didn’t have glucose to hand, which we usually add to make it more pliable. We also had to roll it using icing sugar, rather than a white vegetable fat, like Crisco.

A little, impromptu snowman number for Christmas 2014.
A little, impromptu snowman number for Christmas 2014.

With no royal icing to hand, this was never going to be a masterpiece, but what I hope we’ve achieved is a reasonable pass at a festive cake that will raise a smile.

Our reward: damson gin, ’nuff said.

Disclaimer: The snowman was a ready made little sugar number – I can safely say that this cake was more about ‘positioning stuff’ than using any decorating skills.

What was sitting smack bang in the middle of your cake this year?


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