Welcome to my world!

So, here I am…finally! I’ve fancied dipping my toes into the blogosphere for some time but, as is so often the case, life has well and truly wedged itself in the way. Nevertheless, I’ve given life a bit of a shove to make a teeny bit more space and I’m reaaally looking forward to sharing with you some of the weird and wonderful things in my world.

So, a bit about me. I’m a scientist and I study how the Sun works, but my “Little Miss Logical” side doesn’t function very well unless I regularly feed it little, creative projects. As a result, I have my fingers in lots of pies, which is exactly how I like it. My newest pursuit is sewing my own clothes, inspired by some of the wonderful bloggers out there, including Did You Make That?, Tilly and the Buttons and Sew Busy Lizzy, to name but a few. My attempts so far include an incredibly simple skirt and some Sewaholic Tofino jimmy jammy bottoms, which I hope show you more of very soon. Since finishing my pyjama bottoms in June I’ve been somewhat sidetracked by sewing for others, or for their babies to be more precise. I can’t wait to introduce you to Tim the space teddy bear, who is soon to become friends with my 1 week old nephew.

Together with a certain Mr. Rocket, I share my home in Belgium with two retired racing greyhounds, Tigs Rocket (yup, that’s right, I have actually borrowed my dog’s surname. What’s that you say? Crazy dog lady? Me? Surely not!) and Ariel. He’s our soppy BFG, and she’s….well, she’s a bit mental. Despite turning seven years old on 1st October, Ariel still has puppy-like aspirations. I wouldn’t be without either of them!

Tigs (right) and Ariel (left) hanging out on Tigs' 9th birthday beach trip.
Tigs (right) and Ariel (left) hanging out on Tigs’ 9th birthday beach trip.

So, in addition to some dog-related posts and some sewing posts, I look forward to shooting the breeze with you when it comes to new, fancy pants science & technology, food & drink, cake decorating (I haven’t touched on this yet, but baking also features heavily in my life), and of course anything else that takes my fancy. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you, too, so don’t be shy, drop me a line to say hi.


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